With its butter-soft feel, Challenger is the next generation PVC. With its excellent durability and performance, it shines in multiple markets, such as marine, automobile, healthcare, hospitality, fitness and more! Resistant, it has an impressive 1 500 000 double rub rating (Wyzenbeek)! It can sustain cold up to -55’C and is made to bathe in the sun for long hours with a great colorfastness. The Endurepel Armour coating makes Challenger bacteria-, mould-, and stain-resistant.

Available in 40 colors. 4 have a metallic-finish, 4 have a two-tone grain finish and 5 are made with the Encool technology. That technology allows those dark colors to stay 10% cooler to the touch than other PVCs of the same colorway when exposed to the sun, which makes them ideal for outdoor seating.