Italian Luxury Performance Fabrics

Maria Flora comes from a passionate family of weavers, proudly devoted to a timeless tradition: Italian excellence!  They are devoted to creating fabrics that will never fail to deliver an amazing performance, while remaining incomparably soft and sophisticated

Maria Flora textiles are elegant and colourful, suitable for adding elegant details to spaces with a splendid appearance either in the context of a Hotel, a holiday nest in the mountains, a modern home in the city or for a luxury yacht.

Those high performance fabrics are woven with 100% Acrylic solution died which repels water, are stain and mold resistant and have a 6 years colour fade guarantee.  Beautiful Italian fabrics, rich in colour and design.  High Performance fabrics for everyday use. No need to sacrifice luxury for comfort or durability.

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Color Fast To Light 7/8

Color Fast To Light 7/8

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Mold Resistant


Stain Resistant

Acrylic Solution Dyed

100% Acrylic Solution Dyed

Bleach Cleanable

Bleach Cleanable


Water Repellent



Made in Italy

Italian Design

Care Instructions

Mariaflora Italian Luxury Performance Fabrics fend off anything and are impressively easy to clean. However, it is important to maintain your textiles if you want them to ease your life for years to come.